Friday, March 12, 2010

Italian Gov't Approves Plans for Europe's Largest PV Plant

The Italian government issued final approval to MEMC’s SunEdison division to develop and build a 72-megawatt photovoltaic solar power plant near Rovigo, in northeastern Italy.

The plant is expected to be Europe’s largest photovoltaic solar power plant in Europe when it’s completed.

The largest facility currently is a 60-megawatt solar farm in Olmedilla, Spain, followed by a 50-megawatt plant in Strasskirchen, Germany, which was built by MEMC through a joint venture.

The Rovigo plant is schedule to begin generating power in the second half of this year, with final completion by year’s end, the company said.

In its first full year of operation, the system will generate enough energy to power 17,150 homes and avoid 41,000 tons of CO2, or the equivalent of taking 8,000 cars of the road, the company said.

SunEdison is developing the project jointly with its financing partner Spain-based retail and commercial bank Banco Santander, and the company said additional financial partners are expected to join the project in final ownership.

The project is expected to create more than 350 local construction jobs in Italy’s Veneto region. Isolux Corsán, Spain’s seventh-largest construction company known for its utility work, was chosen for the project.

Beltsville, Md.-based SunEdison, led by President Carlos Domenech, develops and operates solar power plants for commercial clients, including government agencies and utilities.

MEMC Electronic Materials Inc. bought SunEdison last year in a deal worth more than $200 million.

St. Peters, Mo.-based MEMC (NYSE: WFR), led by CEO Ahmad Chatila, manufactures wafers for the semiconductor and solar industries. With the addition of SunEdison, MEMC is also a developer of solar power projects and North America's largest solar energy services provider.

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