Friday, June 19, 2009

LDK Solar Reaches Milestone with 660kg Silicon Ingot

LDK Solar Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of multicrystalline solar wafers, today announced that it has successfully produced a multicrystalline silicon ingot weighing 660 kilograms (kg).

The 660 kg ingot was the largest ingot produced at LDK Solar and represents a 46.7% increase in capacity from the standard 450 kg ingot. Maximum furnace capacity is approximately 800 kg.

"We reached an important milestone on the roadmap of our technology development for multi-crystalline silicon ingots," stated Dr. Yuepeng Wan, Chief Technology Officer at LDK Solar. "We have continued to develop technology aimed at solidifying and augmenting LDK Solar's cost leadership position. Our objective with this development was to improve product quality and at the same time decrease the cost of multicrystalline ingot production. The larger ingots will lower capital expenditure and contribute to the reduction of production cost. The increased charge size directly contributes to lower power consumption, higher yields, improved efficiencies of downstream processing equipment, and reduced unit consumption of consumables and some direct costs."

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