Saturday, March 7, 2009

SolarCity’s New Promotion Makes Solar More Affordable

Offer combines discount, government incentives and utility rebates to provide solar system installations at net cost up to 50 percent below 2008 retail value

SolarCity®, a national leader in solar power system design, financing, installation, monitoring and related services, is offering a promotion that, when combined with government incentives and utility rebates, can allow homeowners to pay a net cost for a solar system installation up to fifty percent less* than the typical full retail price in 2008. SolarCity’s “Think Half” promotion incorporates an introductory discount for sleek, recyclable thin-film solar modules from First Solar in SolarCity’s service areas in California and Arizona. The promotion lasts until March 31, 2009, and marks the first time First Solar’s advanced thin-film technology, known for delivering the lowest manufacturing cost in the industry, is widely available for the residential market.

First Solar modules deliver superior performance in variable light and high temperature, and achieve the lowest environmental footprint of any photovoltaic technology on a lifecycle basis. Residential customers prize the slender, frameless black modules for their striking, reflective-glass aesthetic. First Solar also provides a comprehensive collection and recycling program for its modules at the end of their useful lives.

“Increasing solar’s return-on-investment, and improving solar system aesthetics are consistently the two greatest priorities for our customers, and this promotion addresses both,” said Lyndon Rive, SolarCity’s CEO. “Solar power systems continue to be among the safest, most predictable investments homeowners can make in the current economic climate.”

Homeowners interested in “Think Half” can contact SolarCity 1-888-SOL-CITY or to arrange a free, no-obligation solar consultation. Interested Arizona homeowners can learn more about the promotion and rebates at: California homeowners can view additional information on the promotion here:

* Actual discount will vary based on homeowner’s system size, design, configuration, local rebates and ability to take advantage of federal tax credits. A solar power system is customized for each home based on each family’s energy use and home architecture, government rebates and local utility rates. ‘Think Half’ promotion expires March 31, 2009. Not valid with any other promotions or group discount programs.

See the press release here

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