Monday, February 16, 2009

SolarWorld AG Named Highest Quality Producer

SolarWorld AG came first in the most recent quality study of the Photon
trade journal. In a long-term test the solar power modules made by
SolarWorld AG produced more electricity than all competitive products and
thus came out top in the test. ‘This confirms our focus on quality and
efficiency’, says Dipl.-Ing. Frank H. Asbeck, the delighted Chairman and
CEO of the test winner. ‘Our customers can rely on the fact that with the
SolarWorld AG products the yield from their solar roof is right. Especially
at times of a financial crisis such a savings bank on the roof is a sound
and sustainable capital investment.'

According to the plans of the company efficient solar power technology is
to be brought into schools. As a back-up to the government’s economic
stimulus package SolarWorld AG is offering schools a solar construction
bonus of 2,500 EUR for the installation of a solar power plant. In
addition, the company will make available to the schools demonstration
displays and teaching materials on photovoltaic technology free of charge.
‘The funds from the economic stimulus plan must be invested in a
future-oriented way’, demands Frank H. Asbeck. ‘To this end education and
energy generation are the ideal combination’. The solar construction bonus
will be granted to fitters/plumbers who after being awarded a tender by a
school install a SolarWorld system with an output of at least 10 Kilowatt

The SolarWorld products are not only among the most efficient ones but also
among the most sustainable ones in the industry. At the end of last year
the SolarWorld Group received the German Sustainability Award 2008 for the
most sustainable production in Germany.

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